Wicca love spells reviews

Love is a feeling that each of us cares about. Some of us are luckier in love and at a young age meet a person with whom they fall in love with reciprocity and are together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, others are less fortunate and are unable to find a person by whom they will be happy. If you can’t find happiness in love, you can try using love magic.

Love magic has been used for hundreds of years. The basic uses of love magic are as follows:
-recovering a partner who has left us
-gaining the love of a person we like

-healing a relationship or marriage

-increasing success with the opposite sex

-attracting new love

The Wicca spell is very powerful and can work even in the most difficult love cases. The ritual binds lovers in every sphere of life, stimulates passion and desire, and promotes love for life. The wicca spell can restore love after a long period of separation, even several years. The power released during the spell achieves its goal within a few weeks. The first visible effects of the spell often appear already in the first month and steadily increase. The spell is cast in a specially consecrated place, equipped with the appropriate occult accessories.
Wiccans are witches and priests, serving the God of life and death and the Goddess of magic. Wicca, or the old pagan religion, has very deep roots all over the world, and its circles exist continuously. The essence of the faith is nature, and it is through nature or more precisely the 4 elements that this spell is cast.

How to cast a Wiccan spell?

The preparation of a Wiccan spell takes some time. First of all, we should acquire incense sticks, candles, essential oils and other props we need. We should also take care of the fixed accessories – clean them thoroughly. Witchdoctors often take a bath in water with cleansing salt before the rituals, eat a festive meal (some even fast). Once we have prepared the altar, gathered all the necessary items have dressed the ritual clothes and are ready for the ceremony, we can light incense and candles.

The first element is to circle the circle. The circle, a symbol of the mother’s belly, the place where a person is safest, plays an important role in witchcraft. It symbolizes the place that is best protected, in this case a place that is sanctified, blessed and ready for the call of the Gods. Wiccans usually draw a circle with an athame or bolline knife, arrange it with flowers, strings, draw (with chalk or charcoal) or just visualize it.

Then, so that nothing interferes with the ceremony, it is necessary to remove all energies from the circle, creating a certain “energy vacuum.” Most often, witches then sweep the circle symbolically. Sometimes by sprinkling salt on it or waving a wand, they imagine how the energies themselves leave the circle space.

When the circle is cleansed and ready for the essential activities, Wiccans summon the so-called Guardians of the Four Sides of the World. The four main directions of the world are assigned to the elements, which in turn are assigned to the spirits wielding them. The east is ruled by air and the spirits assigned to them – sylphs, the south by fire and salamander spirits, the west by water and ondyn spirits, the north by earth and gnome spirits.
If you don’t have experience in magic, it’s better not to try to cast a spell yourself, as there may be side effects, and there is a small chance that the spell will produce results. A much better idea is to have someone who has experience with it cast the spell.

Wicca, a modern Pagan religion, embraces the harmonious connection between nature, spirituality, and magic. Within the realm of Wicca, love spells hold a significant place as practitioners harness the energies of the universe to enhance love and relationships. In this article, we explore the captivating world of Wicca love spells, their principles, rituals, and the intentions behind their practice.

Understanding wicca and its core principles

Wicca is a nature-based religion that reveres the cycles of the seasons, the energies of the elements, and the inherent divinity within all living beings. Central to Wiccan beliefs is the concept of “harm none,” which emphasizes the ethical use of magic and respect for free will. Wiccans see love as a sacred force and recognize the potential of magic to harmonize and nurture relationships.

The role of love spells in wicca

Love spells within Wicca are intended to enhance the natural flow of love, attraction, and emotional connection. These spells are crafted with the intent to manifest love, strengthen existing relationships, or bring soulmates together. Wiccans believe that love spells work by aligning personal intentions with the energy of the universe, facilitating the manifestation of desires.

Rituals and practices in wiccan love spells

Wiccan love spells involve a variety of rituals and practices that tap into the mystical forces of nature. These may include creating personalized spells, charging specific objects with intention, using herbs, candles, crystals, or invoking deities associated with love and relationships. Rituals often involve meditation, visualization, and the recitation of incantations to focus and direct energy.

Personal growth and self-love

Wiccan love spells also emphasize personal growth and self-love as essential foundations for successful relationships. Wiccans believe that fostering self-love and self-empowerment is crucial before seeking to attract or enhance love in one’s life. Love spells within Wicca often involve rituals and practices that encourage self-reflection, healing, and the cultivation of self-confidence.

Intention setting and manifestation

At the core of Wiccan love spells lies the power of intention setting and manifestation. Wiccans understand that thoughts, emotions, and intentions shape reality. Through focused intent and visualization, practitioners seek to align their desires with the natural energies of the universe, creating a pathway for their manifestation in the physical realm.

The limitations and considerations

While Wiccan love spells can be a powerful tool, it is important to acknowledge their limitations. They are not a substitute for personal growth, communication, or addressing underlying relationship issues. Wiccans recognize that love spells should be approached with wisdom, responsibility, and a clear understanding of their ethical implications.

Wicca love spells offer individuals a spiritual and magical approach to enhance love and relationships. Rooted in nature, intention, and ethical considerations, these spells serve as a pathway for personal growth, self-love, and the alignment of desires with the energies of the universe. By honoring the principles of Wicca, practitioners can embrace the enchanting power of love and create harmonious connections in their lives.

Candle colors used in wicca love spell

Candles hold a significant place in Wiccan rituals and spellcasting, including the realm of love spells. In Wicca, different candle colors are believed to embody specific energies and intentions, allowing practitioners to align their spells with the desired outcome. In this article, we delve into the captivating world of candle colors used in Wiccan love spells, exploring their symbolism and significance in enhancing love and relationships.

Red Candles

Red candles symbolize passionate love, desire, and deep emotional connections. They are commonly used in Wiccan love spells to ignite the flames of passion and attraction between individuals. Red candles represent the fiery energy of love, invoking powerful emotions and stimulating romance in relationships. They can be utilized to enhance sexual energy, rekindle the spark, and strengthen the bond between partners.

Pink Candles

Pink candles are associated with affection, tenderness, and emotional healing. These candles embody the gentle and nurturing aspects of love, emphasizing compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. In Wiccan love spells, pink candles are used to foster emotional healing, mend relationship wounds, and promote a harmonious and loving environment. They can also be employed to attract new love or strengthen existing emotional connections.

White Candles

White candles represent purity, spiritual connection, and unconditional love. They are often used in Wiccan love spells to invoke the divine energies of love and establish a strong spiritual bond between individuals. White candles are associated with the higher self, purity of intentions, and transcendent love. They can be utilized to attract soulmates, deepen spiritual connections in relationships, and promote unity and harmony.

Green Candles

Green candles embody the energies of growth, abundance, and renewal. In the context of love spells, they represent harmony, balance, and the flourishing of relationships. Green candles can be used to attract love that is grounded, nurturing, and brings a sense of stability. They are also employed in spells aimed at resolving conflicts, promoting growth in relationships, and attracting prosperity within love partnerships.

Purple Candles

Purple candles symbolize spiritual wisdom, intuition, and divine guidance. They are utilized in Wiccan love spells to enhance psychic connections and spiritual bonds between individuals. Purple candles represent spiritual growth, inner knowing, and the deepening of spiritual awareness within relationships. They can be used to attract partners who share similar spiritual paths, promote spiritual alignment, and strengthen the bond on a soul level.

Other candle colors and combinations

While the aforementioned candle colors are commonly used in Wiccan love spells, practitioners may also incorporate other colors based on their specific intentions. For example, yellow candles can be employed to enhance communication and intellectual connection, while orange candles can stimulate passion and creativity. Additionally, combinations of candle colors can be used to address multifaceted aspects of love and relationships.

The power of intention and focus

In Wiccan love spells, the choice of candle colors serves as a symbolic tool to align intentions and amplify the desired energies. However, it is essential to remember that the power of the spell lies not solely in the color of the candle but also in the intention and focus of the practitioner. Combining candle colors with visualization, incantations, and personal intention amplifies the energy and effectiveness of the spell.

Candle preparation and ritual

Before using candles in love spells, Wiccans typically cleanse and charge them with their intentions. This can be done by consecrating the candle through rituals, such as passing them through incense smoke or visualizing the desired outcome while holding them. Lighting the candle during the spellcasting ritual further activates the energy and sends it into the universe to manifest the desired love or relationship outcome.


Candle colors in Wiccan love spells hold symbolic significance, representing specific energies and intentions. From the passionate flames of red to the nurturing embrace of pink, each color embodies different aspects of love and relationships. By incorporating the appropriate candle colors and infusing them with intention and focus, Wiccans harness the power of these mystical flames to enhance love, attraction, and connection in their lives.

I collect reviews of the most popular Spell Casters. On this page I would like to ask for your opinions about Wicca love spells.

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  1. I’m interested in the Wiccan spell and I’m wondering about 3 spell casters: magickalspot.com, love-spell.org and cast-a-spell.com. I will be grateful for any reviews.

  2. Hi welington, I have used love-spell.org, currently I am 12 days after finishing the spells. I will update if results come in.

  3. So far there is no major change. I keep in touch with my ex, we text each other every few days. I am waiting for more serious changes.

  4. Since my last comment, contact with the man I want back has improved. We have started dating again, for the time being, on a friendly basis.

  5. newes, it’s been a long time since your last message, can you tell if the spell worked?

  6. Welcome back. Yes, the spell worked, we have been together again for two weeks. The man offered me to come back, of course I accepted. I sincerely hope that the effects of the spell will last. My warmest greetings to you.

  7. Thank you so much for your reply. I’m glad the spell worked for you. I will probably use love-spell.org as well, that spell caster seems the most reliable to me.

  8. I ordered a wicca love spell. Now I am in the process of casting the spell through a spellcaster. I hope the spell will work.

  9. Results are starting to come in. We are in touch again, we met two days ago. I hope this is just the beginning of change.

  10. Yes, I got the photos after the spells finished. I have to admit that they look very credible.

  11. I think we are close to getting back together, we see each other often, we talk more seriously. However, something keeps stopping him from getting back into a relationship with me, and I don’t want to push. That’s why, for now, I’m still waiting for him to offer to come back.

  12. It worked, we have been a couple again for 5 days. He finally said he wants to be with me and suggested we try again. I am so happy.

  13. Hello everyone. Can anyone else give their opinion? From previous posts, it seems that love-spell.org is effective. Has anyone used the services of other Spell Casters?

  14. Hello, I am also curious about this review. I am thinking about ordering a wicca love spell, but I don’t know who to trust.

  15. Hello. I decided to use love-spell.org as did newes and Minn. I hope that my case will also be successful.
    Unfortunately the situation I’m in is difficult, the guy left me and doesn’t want any contact with me. He said it would be best if we each went our separate ways. I feel sad all the time when I recall those words. I am using the love spell as a last resort. I will try to keep you updated on the results.

  16. Element, have you noticed any changes yet? I’m in a fairly similar situation and am considering a love spell.

  17. Yes, it is clearly better. We are in contact with each other again, we met twice. Spell Caster told me to wait up to 4 months for results, and so far it’s 6 weeks, so I’m hopeful that things will continue to progress. I am full of hope.

  18. The situation in my relationship remains the same. We still keep in touch, we even see each other sometimes, but it’s not what it should be. I’m starting to get impatient.

  19. Element, can you write if the spell worked? It’s been long enough to tell. I’m counting on your answer.

  20. The spell worked, I waited 4 months for complete results. I am very happy. I didn’t write for so long because I was busy, since the last message our relationship has accelerated a lot. At one point I thought that nothing would come of it, but suddenly the man started to care more and more about me. Eventually we came to the conclusion to be a couple again. He apologized to me for leaving me and for his words when he left me. We have been together again for less than a month and so far we understand each other perfectly.

  21. Hi. I can also personally confirm that Wicca spell from love-spell.org works. I ordered 5 months ago, the effects came after 9 weeks. I got back the man of my life. I can recommend.

  22. The wicca love spell worked. My story was as follows. The man I was with for 2.5 years left me. I thought we would be together forever, but unfortunately he decided to break up with me for no apparent reason. I had no contact with him for some time after the breakup. I decided that I would do anything to get him back. I started reading about the magic of love. I found many sites offering love rituals. But I still didn’t know who he had decided on. Finally, I used love-spell.org and it was a good choice. My relationship with my man gradually improved. The full results appeared after a few weeks.

  23. Spell Caster from love-spell.org can really help.
    A guy left me for his ex… I don’t think I need to describe how I felt… it was traumatic for me. Some days after the breakup were really horrible. I decided that I would do anything to get him back. I tried the usual methods, but he didn’t respond to my messages at all. Therefore, I chose a love spell. The spell worked gradually. At first we started exchanging text messages again, after a few more weeks he left that woman. Not long after, he came back to me. We are a couple again, although I find it hard to forget that he left me then. Nevertheless, I am happy that we are together again.

  24. I too am giving a positive review. The difficulty of my love case was rather average. A man left me, but he didn’t have another woman, so we kept in touch. I decided to act quickly and shortly after he left I used a Wicca love spell form love-spell.org which worked. I am very happy now.

  25. Hello, I will try to describe my situation in a few sentences. A few months ago I met a man, for whom I started to care more and more. This prompted me to order a Wicca love spell, which, as I read, has a strong effect. It turned out to be true. We have been a couple for a month now.
    I used Wicca love spell from love-spell.org because I didn’t want a spell that would be associated with black magic. After the spells were completed, I received pictures to confirm that they were done. I must say that they were very real and gave me hope while waiting for the results. Although deep down I didn’t expect amazing results, the spell did produce results. The man came back to me after 3 months. Regards.

  26. If anyone wants a strong and effective spell then I really recommend it. Thanks to the Wicca love spell from love-spell.org I got my husband back who moved out of the house due to the fact that we were arguing more and more. He stated that he had had enough and needed to be alone. I was heartbroken, I love him and I had to get him back. He came back and our relationship is finally going very well, we are finally talking to each other and coming to an understanding.

  27. I personally recommend the Wicca love spell. I decided to order this spell because I read on several sites about magic that this spell is really powerful. I needed a really powerful spell because the man I love and have been with for 3 years walked out on me because he said he was tired of our relationship. After completing the spells I quietly waited for the results. For the first 5 weeks nothing happened. After that, things started to improve pretty quickly, we started to stay in touch with each other and started dating again. After a few meetings we decided to try again. I am incredibly happy with the results. Regards.

  28. The spell worked within 10 weeks of ordering. I used the spell because I wanted to get back my man who I was with for 3 years and who left me unexpectedly. After he left me I could not recover. I had depressive symptoms and it was hard for me to get out of bed. After using a Wiccan spell from love-spell.org, the situation slowly began to improve. The man renewed contact with me and we started seeing each other again. After a few weeks of seeing each other, he himself proposed to me to come back. We have been together again for 4 weeks and I am very happy. We get along great.

  29. I will describe the effects of a Wicca spell from love-spell.org. I ordered this spell because I was dumped by a man I had been with for 1.5 years. When he left me, I fell into a serious hole. I became interested in the subject of love magic because I wanted to do everything I could to get him back. I decided to use love-spell.org because this site had the most positive reviews. After the wicca spells, I started quietly waiting for the results. Nothing happened for a few weeks and I began to lose hope. However, in the eighth week my relationship with my boyfriend started to improve and he started talking to me. Then we started dating again until we finally got back together. We have been dating again for 4 weeks now and I hope that the effects of the spells will last.

  30. I ordered a Wiccan spell because I wanted to get back the guy I was with for several years. He left me because he wanted to try a new life. He moved to another city. It was very hard without him, I couldn’t cope without his company. A Wiccan spell allowed me to get him back. Within 6 weeks of the order he was back in his hometown. Within another 4 weeks we became a couple again. I recommend love-spell.org

  31. I can confirm the powerful effect of this spell. I ordered it because I had a serious problem with love. The man I cared about was not paying much attention to me. I had been attracted to him for a year, but he did not reciprocate my interest. This led me to look for other ways to get him. I became interested in the subject of love magic and after reading many articles, I decided to order a Wiccan spell from love-spell.org. The ritual worked perfectly. After 3 weeks of ordering, our contact improved. We started to meet and spend more time with each other. After a few more weeks we decided to become a couple. I am very happy, we have been together for a month and we get along very well.

  32. Hi all! Does anyone know if love-spell.org and magical-rituals.com have the same owner (spellcaster Samael)? I was looking into it and got a bit apprehensive/confused so any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Thank you!!

  33. I used a wicca spell from love-spell.org a week ago. I am very much hoping for results.

  34. A Wicca spell allowed me to get my man back who left me for another woman. At first I thought I would recover fairly quickly and be able to live without him. I continued to go to work and meet with friends. Unfortunately, time passed and I missed him more and more. Instead of gradually feeling better, I started to feel worse and worse. So I started looking for ways to get him back. I found the website love-spell.org and became interested in what it offered. I decided to use a wicca spell. For the first 3 weeks nothing happened. Then my love situation started to improve. He renewed contact with me and we started dating again. After a dozen or so meetings he proposed that we become a couple again, to which I of course agreed. We have been together again for 2 months now and we are able to get along again.

  35. Hello, I also used a wicca spell from love-spell.org, and I was prompted to do so by the reviews on this site. I did not think long and after my boyfriend, with whom I was in love, left me, I ordered this kind of love magic. It was a good move because already after 2 weeks the situation started to improve. The man renewed contact with me. We started to write to each other again, and then to meet. During the meetings we explained to each other the misunderstandings that caused our breakup. This eventually led to us getting back together. We are a couple again and are happy with each other, just as we were at the beginning of our relationship.

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