Love magic- for whom?

Love magic – for whom?

Love spells are not only for those who are just looking for love, but also for couples who have been in happy relationships for years. Not to mention those who want to repair a feeling tarnished by the teeth of time and harsh reality. To achieve the best results, cast the spell when the moon is heading towards full. And remember – you must always believe that magic works, because your doubt destroys its power. What if the rituals don’t work despite your faith? Maybe you’re just not ready yet? Often the obstacles to what we seek in love exist only inside us.

If you want to be listened to, you must learn to listen to others. If you want unconditional love, you must first give it to yourself, your parents, siblings or children. How you behave with people has a huge impact on your relationships.

The best day for love magic

Each day of the week has a different planetary patron and emanates different energies, so certain spells may work better on Monday and others on Wednesday or Sunday.

Monday – Moon – for looking deep into a relationship and understanding your problems,

Tuesday – Mars – for strengthening desire,

Wednesday – Mercury – for better understanding,

Thursday – Jupiter – for the next step in a relationship,

Friday – Venus – for finding new love,

Saturday – Saturn – for more stability in a relationship,

Sunday – Sun – for healing a relationship.

How to attract love?

Over the centuries, people have invented many ways to arouse feelings – some work on the mind (magic), others on the body (aphrodisiacs). Modern scientists are not sleeping pears in ashes either – they have taken carnal lust apart and claimed to already know where its secret lies. But love as such – as an eternal agreement between souls and bodies – still resists understanding. The attraction of love is based on two principles: affection (similarity) and tangency. Spells during which we use something that belongs to the loved one (fingernails, hair, body secretions) are sympathy magic. Tangent magic was once popular in Europe. In Scotland, a circle was drawn on a wafer with blood from the heart finger. Then the wafer was ordained, broken in half. One half was eaten by the person suffering from unrequited love, and the other half was given to the object of affection, who would thus ignite eternal passion.

Attracting love is a delicate matter. In ancient Rome, making magical love drinks was forbidden. Of course, desperate women cast spells on their chosen ones anyway. Today we recognize, first of all, that we can’t force anyone to love us – that would be enslavement. So how to attract a guy to you? First of all, think about the law of attraction of love. Wanting to achieve some goal, we send a certain intention into the world: I want love, a family, a better job, etc. The energy of this request attracts energy similar to itself. If our intention is lined with fear, low self-esteem or sadness then such feelings will come back to us. You will only find deeper love when you change yourself to love more strongly.

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