Example love spell

Example love spell

When one of the lovers gets depressed due to the departure of a loved one or the inability to win his or her affections, a person is capable of taking a number of steps to fight for his or her love. When the situation seems lost and suppressing one’s feelings is not an option, magical practices prove to be a helpful tool. The most powerful love spells are a guarantee of success. From the benefits of which spells is it best to use?

First of all, remember that magic is recommended only as a last resort. Love spells, can be met with a strong repulsive reaction. Therefore, for matters of the heart, an easy but powerful love spell is recommended for better and quick results.

As with other spells, there are things to keep in mind that should be taken as a warning during the spell process so that any side effects and harm can be avoided. You should focus your own emotions on your love and make sure and analyze your feelings so that you can convince yourself that he or she is the person absolutely meant for you. There is no room here for any hesitation or uncertainty and other people for whom you have any feelings. Clearing your mind and soul is a basic principle to start casting spells. This way it is simpler to convince yourself that you want to spend your whole life with the other person.

Choosing the right kind of magic is an equally important aspect. The most important thing here, of course, is efficiency and speed. Casting love spells must bring immediate results, so that the other person does not have time to get involved with someone else.

Here are three spells to make your object sigh in love:

Spell for love: burning Wicca flowers

This ritual acts as a love spell to open the way to love, and works best in the hands of those who have gone through a bad breakup or troubled relationship and have closed themselves off to giving or receiving love. It will be helpful to anyone who needs to rekindle affection in another person.

Ingredients: 1 pink candle, incense (e.g. cinnamon, jasmine or rose), essential oil (e.g. cinnamon, clove, jasmine, lime blossom, myrtle, orange, rose, vanilla or yarrow), 3 dried white flowers.

1. light the incense and let its aroma fill the space.

2. Sprinkle the candle with essential oil, preparing to release powerful love.

3. Say the words: “I purify and consecrate this candle to serve as a sign of the covenant between me and the element of fire.”

4. light the candle and place it on a candlestick or other vessel.

5. take one of the white flowers and gently remove the petals one by one. With each petal, say the following incantation: “I am the power, the power of love that burns like fire.”

6 Do this with all three flowers and place the petals in the cauldron. Use this time to clear your mind of all worries and thoughts.

7. Write your full name and the name of your loved one on a piece of paper.

8.Light the piece of paper with a candle flame and place it in the cauldron to burn safely.

9. when the candle burns, bury the remnants of the petals in the ground.

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