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Black love magic has a similar effect on men and women, regardless of their age, personal energy, intelligence and financial situation. A professionally cast love spell, black magic, can make any person fall in love with you.

For several years I have encountered the statement that there is White Magic and Black Magic. You can find such opinions even in some quasi-magic textbooks and in books on magic.

Who is spreading such nomenclature?

Quotes from the Internet:

“According to Alister Crowley, white magic is all actions of the magician performed in accordance with his Will (which is not equivalent to doing whatever one wants, see: Thelema). All other magical activities opposed to the Will were considered by him to be black magic.”

“Black magic – a type of magical practices used with evil intentions or based on the belief in the possibility of appealing to the evil part of demonic forces (as originally in some ethnic beliefs, such as those of the Greeks or Slavs, demons were ambivalent), conceived as personal opposites of the forces of good and light. There are many discrepancies in understanding the difference between white and black magic. Most modern magicians belonging to the Western cultural circle do not ascribe colors to any type of magic, claiming that magic is only a tool, and how it is used depends solely on the will of the magician, sorcerer, shaman.”

As for the use of black magic in love matters, these spells are considered very powerful. It is mainly used to win back a person who has left for someone else. A properly cast spell has no side effects and is safe, but it should be remembered that black magic can unite people forever. Such a spell is hard to undo.

I collect reviews of the most popular Spell Casters. On this page I would like to ask for your opinions about black magic spells. Below is a list of a few Spell Casters who have this spell on offer. (price $ 70-200) (price £ 125) (price $ 449) (Price $ 49.95)

I am asking for your comments.

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