Aura Cleansing

Bad mood, fatigue, unwillingness to work…Very often these feelings accompany us in everyday life. They come from exhaustion and also from gaps in our aura. If someone is interested in esotericism, he or she is aware that our energy layer is exposed to numerous defects. Can we improve this condition?
Of course we can. If we want to finally feel better, we should think about cleansing our aura. We will gain a lot thanks to this – we will become more self-confident again, we will have more energy, it will be easier to solve problems and face adversities. As you can see, thanks to aura cleansing you can enjoy life again and develop in every area.
How to cleanse the aura?
On the Internet you can find ways to cleanse the aura yourself. Unfortunately, most of them do not work. In order to properly cleanse one’s aura, one must have skill, which can only be acquired through experience. That is why it is best done by those who have been doing it for years.
How long is one cleansing enough?
It is an individual matter but usually, well performed aura cleansing ritual protects it even for a few years. During this period we are immune to external threats and people’s malice. But remember that nothing lasts forever and there is no shortage of people hunting for our energy. Therefore, having cleansed aura, you should protect it, preferably by cutting off contact with people who are energy vampires, with whom you feel that you are losing energy. I am counting on your opinions about cleansing spells.

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