Which is more effective- the Egyptian spell or the love binding spell?

In this article, I would like someone to help me unravel my question about the effectiveness of love spells. I am wondering about the effectiveness of Egyptian spells and love binding spell. I have scrolled through many sites with offers and articles on love magic and I am having a hard time determining which of these spells is more effective. But the fact is that on most of the sites I have found these two spells are the most often recommended. Egyptian spells are recommended because love magic flourished in ancient Egypt. Priests dealing with love magic were highly regarded and were great specialists in this field. Love binding spells are very different from Egyptian spells. When casting a binding spell, the Spell Caster uses his own props marked with energy. The fact that the Spell Caster has free choice of props makes it all in his hands and experience. If any of you have used the Egyptian spell, or love binding spell, please feel free to share your opinion.

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