What is the strongest type of love spell?

This question manifests itself in basically every person who wants to do love magic, or order a spell. Let’s start with the fact that everything depends on the skills of the Spell Caster. If they are great then even a one day white magic spell will be able to produce satisfactory results. If the Spell Caster is weak, even the strongest black magic ritual will have no effect. But, in order to make the subject clearer, let us assume that Spell Caster have similar abilities. What then is the strongest spell? According to my contacts with people the most powerful and effective are love binding spell and egyptian love spell. These spells are difficult to perform and require knowledge of the rituals of those cultures. However, I believe that if one plans to take up magic seriously, they should study the secrets of those spells, as none of the commonly known spells are as effective. Another powerful spell is wicca spell. It is also highly effective, but I’ve heard of cases, where women ordering this spell complained later, that their partner, although returned to them, started to surround them and check them at every step. So it seems that they are not quite safe. White magic spells are the most common. They are considered by many to be weaker, but as I mentioned in the first paragraph – it all depends on the Spell Caster. The lesser effectiveness of such spells is mainly due to the fact that they are performed by many beginner Spellcasters just starting to deal with magic. In such cases it’s hard to get high effectiveness. Having the spell cast by someone who has been doing it for a long time seems to be a reasonable solution, the chances of the spell succeeding are high, and the spell is the safest and has no side effects.

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