Egyptian spell or love binding spell?

A love ritual has more than one name. Most cultures had their own rituals, from which we draw fully in modern times. These include both white and black magic rituals, those that only help luck a little, and those that force certain reactions.

White magic are safe love rituals aimed at creating natural bonds. Whispers of the subconscious are signposts pointing to paths worth following. The thread of understanding established is as sincere as possible and can form the basis for building a relationship based on true affection. This ritual performed after dark dates back to ancient times, when Egypt was steeped in mysticism. It is an advanced love magic to win the heart of a partner, but also to settle conflicts and disputes or calm the situation when unfavorable people are around. It works great even in seemingly hopeless cases.

Black magic is the complete opposite of white-magic rituals. Love binding spells are cast at the special request of the person ordering them, and their effects carry side effects. There is a possibility that they may cause conflicts in the long term, although opinions are divided on this subject. Some claim that spells for positive purposes have no side effects.

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