Are love binding spells the strongest love magic?

Love binding spells are considered to be one of the strongest love spells. But is it really the strongest type of love magic? I believe that they can be put on a par with Egyptian spells, which also have similar power. The origins of these spells are quite different. In the case of Egyptian spells, the Spell Caster must follow certain guidelines – that is, he must perform the spell according to certain standards, so that the spell resembles as closely as possible those performed in ancient Egypt. In the case of a love binding spell, there is much more freedom, so the Spell Caster can use his own props marked with the appropriate energy and does not have to follow any guidelines. Does this make one spell superior to another? Well no, it all depends on the person who casts the spell. If the Spell Caster has a lot of experience in working with energies, then we can expect that the love spell can bring results, while if the Spell Caster is a beginner, without proper experience, then most likely the spell will fail. Therefore, it is important to choose such a Spell Caster who has been in business for many years and has had many spells cast. There is no point in trusting new advertisements, as most likely the advertisers are novice Spell Caster who do not yet have proper experience in the field of love magic.

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